welcome at dellago

we are a bit hardheaded our hotel was built as a small famliy hotel sometimes in the late 1900's and has since seen many concepts & transformations, but it has never been completely restructurated: this place has style and patina.

as a holiday hotel, there is not enough space, as a design hotel we are much too improvised and for families we are far from being suitable, but for a relaxing city escape in jeans and chucks it's absolutely gorgeous. 21 simple or stylish, basic and luxurious, tiny and huge but always surprising rooms, an excellent fish and seafood restaurant, cool sound, wacky people and a lake lounge where your feet sometimes get wet are all perfect reasons to forget about the daily hassle for a couple of precious moments.

we're taking it easy & relaxed our crew is a cheery bunch of refreshingly hospitable young pro's with a very casual attitude and rather informal, straight forward moods. people looking for a laid back, mediterranean zest of life and place respect on top of social status will find themselves very comfortable with us. we are all here because we love our place, we love our jobs and not because someone, a hundred years ago declared, that guests were kings.

paint stains in the hair, bruises on the hands this philosophy is important for us. the concept is planned, but is put into practice carefully and step by step on the foundation of a somewhat outmoded 3* hotel in 2001. without much money, but with an unbreakable enthusiasm, ideas and little dreams popping out of situations we changed the place over the years into the still slightly rugged little boutique hotel of today.

old place, new ways our service concept is not based on classic classification criteria because some of those criteria we do not want to follow, others we can't keep but mainly because we look for solutions where we think it might be more fun than the traditional ways of our old heroes.

but as even the old heroes have their secrets, you'll find the most delicious marmelades, affectionately combined and carefully prepared by ma probst in her cosy forest home and her husband sam produces a divine grappa in a small vineyard in bioggio, where you might find some of our crew, trying to cut and bind the old, rare grapes...

no porters, but a stereo & coffee

so, do not expect luxurious materials and shiny glitter, no porters or a reception where someone smiles for you 24 hours a day. but in compensation there is a stereo in every room, a coffee machine that besides a good espresso also boils a nice cappucc', there's a free non-alcoholic minibar, complimentary afternoon cofffee, tea and sweet bits and you could spice up your stay with some whimsy add-on's

there are extremely spacious rooms with jacuzzi's and steam baths, others with splendid and breathtaking views, but there are also tiniest but cosiest little rooms for them first hours in unconditional love in life, with the hum of the italian village road to drown.

in the afternoon, restaurant and bar are closed for the exclusive use by our hotel guests. and to let you forget the lacking waiter, at CHF 15.- per day there is always something sweet to nibble on and a whole selection of exquisite coffees and teas to choose from freely, as well as some non alcoholic beverages in your minibar.

since 2014, only in summer and in warm, sunny days our lake lounge is open for public, serving drinks and tapas and letting you chose between the privacy with free coffee & cake in the bar and restaurant and upper terraces, or to have a cocktail served directly on the lake.

and yes, we also change permanently at dellago you will find a place that changes moods and details from day to day, sceneries from year to year, like a theater stage but consequently following our aims, goals and dreams. at dellago, there is people behind, not money. so be aware to find a place not like everywhere else, a little unperfect but charming in its particular way ;-)

  so, be very welcome in our little paradise :-)